Thursday, 6 December 2012

Make CD's and CD Sleeves for your Dolls

Christmas is around the corner and I have been wondering what gifts your dolls can give one another. What about a CD! And if you are a music lover like Nandi then these are a must have for your doll room! Annie's favourite CD is her Ballet Classics!

With this set of printables you can download, print and create 6 different CD's with their sleeves. There are also 3 blank ones included so that you can draw your own cover art.

CLICK HERE on the Link to go to the website to download your project to print.

Here are some instructions:
* These can be printed on paper or cardboard.
* Print and cut out all your pieces
* Glue the CD front and back together
* Fold on the dotted lines on the CD cover
* Add glue to the shaded area
* Shape and glue your CD sleeve together

~~ DollPlay Greetings!

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