Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ink Mark on Dolls - Fix it!

One night while I was cooking my then 2 year old daughter decided to be ceative... she got hold of a pen and started drawing all over my doll! Face, arms and legs! I nearly cried!

If you know dolls and vinyl you know that a ball point pen is a nightmare! You can not remove those marks with any household cleaner! I tried... and the last thing you want to do is destroy the vinyl of the doll.

Pens and dolls don't mix but if they do...
After doing a bit of research I found the solution and the product to help with this "nightmare"!

* You need 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. This can be found in Acne Cream - Oxy 10! Yes... oxicute those marks out! I bought mine for R50 ($6.20)
* Apply the cream onto the pen marks and place the doll in the sun
* Let her lie there for a day and remove the cream with a wet cloth
* The marks will be gone or lighter. If they are not add lotion and put her in teh sun for another day.

She will now be back to her old self! I tried the same cream on other inky blotches I has on another doll and it worked as well! Zoe has a baby doll that has also been used as a drawing canvas... her marks are being Oxycuted next!

Happy clean doll greetings!



  1. Would you have any suggestions on how to get whiteboard marker off a doll?

  2. @Heather - The same oxy treatment goes for vinyl dolls.

  3. Good morning do you where i can get the soft baby dolls fixed. The body of the doll made out of fabric has just aged and is breaking, I really want to have them fixed.

    1. Cats Cradle is a doll hospital that does amazing work on all types of dolls. You can find them on Facebook.