Friday, 4 January 2013

Princess Doll Cake for Zoe's Birthday

For 6 months I heard my 3 year old say she wants a Princess Party. As with every party there is the cake! I am not great in the kitchen and when it comes to baking my skills are rather lacking. This is why I have a sister and a friend...
My dear friend Lisa was visiting from England and it wasn't hard to convince her that we needed to make a doll cake. She thought about a barbie like the one her mom made for her... I said we need to think BIGGER!

For Zoe's cake we used a sample South African Girl Doll. She is 18" high so the skirt had to be BIG. I added fairy wings and a tiara to complete the cake.

This is what we did:
1. We baked the cake for the skirt the day before
2. We cut out the centre of the "skirt" and shaped the cake to look like the doll skirt
3. We iced the skirt
4. I opted to dress the doll top with a blouse I made. You CANNOT ice directly onto these dolls as they have fabric bodies.
*** 5. We wrapped the doll in cling wrap to prevent any oils from the cake damaging her ***
6. We inserted the doll OOOPSIE! The skirt was a little short... Never fear! We filled up the area between the skirt and the doll blouse with some icing.
Zoe was very happy and excited about her dolly cake! If you have any questions please feel free to ask...
~~ DollPlay Greetings


  1. What a super cute idea! I may have to duplicate that for my little lady!

  2. I would love to see you make one for your little lady! Send me a photos when you get it done... the girls loved this cake!

    ~ Liese