Monday, 8 April 2013

Make a Milk Carton for your dolls

I love doll food! A doll has to eat, right? And she need some milk...

In South Africa we have 11 official languages! On our milk cartons we have 4 of those languages... so you can learn to say milk in 3 more languages!

Milk - English
Melk - Afrikaans
Ubisi - Zulu
Masu - Pedi

These milk cartons are quick to make. So here is a new printable craft for you... All you need to do to create these cute milk cartons for your doll is:
CLICK HERE to go to the site to download the PDF file to print

And there you have it. Some milk cartons for your doll. The printout also includes a blank template for you to decorate and create your own milk carton.

~ DollPlay Greetings!

Collect all the Printable Cartons: MILK, AMASI and MAGEU


  1. Melk is Dutch for milk! I love this post :D
    Love, Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

  2. Hi Pretty Lilly... that is so fun to hear. Afrikaans is a derivative language of Dutch.