Friday, 12 April 2013

What is Mageu? Make carton for your dolls

Today I am bringing you more traditional drinks from South Africa. Mageu comes in different flavours and is yummy! It is made from mielies (corn).

Here is a description from our friends at Wikipedia:
Mageu (Sotho language spelling), maHewu, amaRhewu (Xhosa spelling) or amaHewu (Zulu spelling) is a traditional South African non-alcoholic drink among many of the Sotho people and Nguni people made from fermented mealie pap. (corn porridge like gritts in the USA) Home production is still widely practised, but the drink is also available at many supermarkets, being produced at factories. Its taste is derived predominantly from the lactic acid that is produced during fermentation, but commercial mageu is often flavoured, much in the way commercially available yogurt is. Similar beverages are also made in other parts of Africa.

Now you can make your own Mageu for your doll's kitchen or supermarket. Be sure to download the free printable: CLICK HERE to download page.

For instructions CLICK HERE

Collect all the Printable Cartons: MILK, AMASI and MAGEU

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  1. Mageu is the best traditional drink in South Africa :) love the stuff!